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Comic Book Noise 181: Do Something

This show contains a long, preachy ramble with very little comic book talk while host Derek Coward is driving. Names are dropped and feelings might be hurt, but the intention of the episode is pure and started from a good place.

And just when you think it is done, Derek comes back with a short discussion about the end of Wednesday Comics as well as what he picked up this week.

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DC Noise Episode 54 – Top Five Favorite DC Artists

Mike and Eric open the show with the top 5 lists of favorite current DC Comics artists and then move into the comics discussion.

Superman/Batman 63 (00:11:36 to 00:15:25)
Superman Annual 14 (00:15:25 to 00:18:53)
Superman: World of New Krypton 6 (00:18:53 to 00:21:41)
Action Comics 880 (00:21:41 to 00:26:18)
Supergirl 44 (00:26:18 to 00:31:43)
Superman 691 (00:31:43 to 00:35:29)
Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen Special 2 (00:35:29 to 00:40:15)
A quick roundup of Gotham City Sirens 3, Batman: Streets of Gotham 3, Red Robin 3, Outsiders 21 and Batgirl 1 (00:40:15 to 00:47:36)
Batman and Robin 3 (00:47:36 to 00:51:43)
Detective Comics 856 (00:51:43 to 00:57:16)
Blackest Night Titans 1 (00:57:16 to 01:04:08)
Blackest Night Superman 1 (01:04:08 to 01:09:29)
Green Lantern 45 (01:09:29 to 01:15:48)

And finally, we close the show with discussion of Action Comics 429 (1973) and Wednesday Comics.

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What I Bought 9/14/2009

This was an extremely heavy week.

Locas 2 hardcover (Fantagraphics)
Love and Rockets: The New Stories 2 (Fantagraphics)
Wednesday Comics 9 (DC Comics)
Wednesday Comics 10 (DC Comics)
Proof 23 (Image)
Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? 3 (BOOM! Studios)
Magog 1 (DC Comics)
Incognito 6 (Icon)
The Incredible Hulk 600 (Marvel)
The Red Circle: The Web 1 (DC Comics)
The Red Circle: The Hangman (DC Comics)
The Red Circle: Inferno (DC Comics)
The Shield (DC Comics)
Irredeemable 6 (BOOM! Studios)
Madame Xanadu 6 (Vertigo)
Madame Xanadu 7 (Vertigo)
Adventure Comics 504 (DC Comics)

Very heavy week. I bought the Locas 2 hardcover even though I already had one because it was damaged and I got it at a good price. I will be giving away the good copy on an upcoming episode of the show. I got the Madame Xanadu issues because I was missing them. Unfortunately I got Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? 3 even though I am missing #2.

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What I Bought 8/19/2009

It was definitely another light week for me.

Wednesday Comics #7 (DC)
Atomic Robo: Shadow From Beyond Time #4 [of 5] (Red5 Comics)
Blackest Night #2 (DC)
Daredevil #500 (Marvel)

Yeah, I was surprised that I got a Marvel book too, but Daredevil has always had a special spot in my heart ever since the incredible first Frank Miller run on the title where he redefined the character and gave the world Elektra. I realize that with suspect way Marvel counts issues, the number 500 means nothing, but it seems like a special book and I want to own it.

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What I Bought – 8/12/2009

As expected, I was able to get to Detroit Comics and pick up my pulls this week.

Wednesday Comics #6 (DC Comics)
The Flash Rebirth #1 (DC Comics)
The Walking Dead Vol 10: What We Become (Image)

For the first time in recent memory, I have bought more DC Comics than anything else. If it wasn’t for the trade, I would have gotten ALL DC Comic titles this week.

So for all you people who think I hate DC, I will be expecting apologies forthwith.

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What I Got – 8/11/2009

I will probably be going back to Detroit Comics to pick up some comic books today, but I went yesterday because I had a little bit of time and got:

Wednesday Comics #4 (DC)
Wednesday Comics #5 (DC)
Proof #22 (Image)
Dynamo5 #23 (Image)
Mysterius The Unfathomable #3 (Wildstorm)*
Groom Lake #4 (IDW)**
Atomic Robo: Shadow From Beyond Time #3 of 5 (Red 5 Comics)
Madame Xanadu #13 (Vertigo)***

Once again, nothing from Marvel or Dark Horse, but a bit more surprising to me, nothing from Dynamite Entertainment. This is the first time in a long time that I don’t remember getting anything from Dynamite.

* – I read the first issue, but can’t find the second one. I’m not sure if it is necessary in order to understand the rest of the series, but I guess I’ll find out soon.

** – I still can’t find the first two issues. I might switch this to trades.

*** – The Michael Wm. Kaluta art is starting to grow on me, but I want Amy Reeder Hadley back. I wonder if it is possible to have them alternate storylines or one do covers while the other one does interiors. Yeah, I know I’m being greedy.

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DC Noise Episode 49: Blackest Night #1

This week Mike and Eric start the show with a quick round up of several recent comics we read which includes Wednesday Comics, Green Arrow/Black Canary 22, Solomon Grundy 5, Wonder Woman 34, JSA vs Kobra 1 and 2, Strange Adventures 5, Justice League of America 35, Justice Society of America 29, Teen Titans 71, Secret Six 11, North 40 1, Final Crisis Aftermath: Run 3, Final Crisis Aftermath: Escape 3 and The Nobody OGN. Then we move into a huge Blackest Night spoiler discussion with –

Blackest Night #1 (00:21:00 to 00:53:25)
Green Lantern #44 (00:53:25 to 01:04:23)
Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps 1 – 3 (01:05:27 to 01:12:47)

And finally we throw in some discussion of JLA: Cry for Justice #1 (01:12:47 to 01:21:12).

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DCNoise Episode 47: Top Five Wednesday Comics Strips (So Far)

Hosts Mike Myers and Eric Martin open the show with some back issue discussion of Adventure Comics #435 (1974) and Jack Kirby’s O.M.A.C. issues 1 and 2. we then move in to some non spoiler discussion of Wednesday Comics 1 and 2. We also have an impromptu Top 5 list of our 5 favorite strips from Wednesday Comics.

The full spoiler reviews/annotations this time are for Final Crisis Aftermath: Escape #2 (00:19:49 to 00:23:19) Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance #2 and Ink #2 are quickly discussed (00:23:19 to 00:26:07) Final Crisis Aftermath: Run #2 (00:26:07 to 00:34:59) Last Days of Animal Man #2 (00:34:59 to 00:40:39) JSA vs Kobra #1 (00:40:39 to 00:47:12).


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