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Comic Book Noise 466: Update on the Star Wars artist

Host Derek Coward talks about the upcoming change on the art duties on Marvel’s Star Wars title, as well as more snark and outrage from comic book fandom.

Comic Book Noise 453: No Mercy Preview

Host Derek Coward talks about receiving his new comics, the book he added to his pull list as well as the two he removed.

Comic Book Noise 441: More Top News Stories of The Week

Host Derek Coward returns to talk about the top news stories that broke in the eight hours he was at work. And they were pretty big.

Comic Book Noise 439: My Original Art Collection

Host Derek Coward briefly talks about DC Comics, Wonder Woman artwork, and his original art collection.

Comic Book Noise 438: Me and the Current DC Universe

Host Derek Coward talks about the current DC Universe and what it means to him. Note: Remember this show is not for the easily offended.

Comic Book Noise 424: Old Notes on Wednesday Comics

Host Derek Coward finds an old notebook and talks about Wednesday Comics.

Comic Book Noise 414: Defending The Finches

Host Derek Coward talks about defending David and Meredith Finch and their run on Wonder Woman.

Comic Book Noise 410: Secret Origins of The DC Super Heroes

Host Derek Coward returns to set the record straight on his Krypton episode, talks about a book of secret origins, talks about mid season finales, and delves into the minds of TV network executives.

Comic Book Noise 407: Avengers Academy and the new Wonder Woman

Host Derek Coward returns to talk about the Avengers vs X-men issues of Avengers Academy, as well as the first issue of Wonder Woman with the new creative team.

Comic Book Noise 404: Avengers Academy and Membership Drives

Host Derek Coward talks more about his reading of the Avengers Academy series, gets tripped up on describing some of the plot, talks about Rom Spaceknight, mentions how some membership drives don’t mean a lot in the long run, and talks about El Diablo.