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Comic Book Noise 550: Netflix and Movie News

Host Derek Coward talks about some recent news stories regarding the Marvel Netflix shows and updates on the Wonder Woman and Gambit movies.

Luke Cage will be played by Mike Colter, not Mike Colfer.
Luke Cage will be played by Mike Colter, not Mike Colfer.

Comic Book Noise 520: What is Comic Book Noise?

Host Derek Coward answers the question “What is Comic Book Noise?”

Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles – “Big”

Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles is a series of animated shorts meant to introduce alternate universe versions of DC Heroes, leading into the release of the Justice League: Gods and Monsters animated feature film on July 28, 2015.

The newest episode, released by Machinima, features the New God Bekka, the warrior goddess who is also known as Wonder Woman. In the six minute short (which also contains an ad for the 2016 Honda HR-V Crossover) shows her taking on a horde of Kobra soldiers and a secret weapon that should look familiar to long time WW fans to rescue Steve Trevor.

Most alternate versions of Wonder Woman are either excessively warlike or an aloof goddess, Bekka is not only different from the one most of us have grown up watching, but she is also different from the various faux Dianas from things like Flashpoint or Kingdom Come. She has a look similar to the Bruce Timm version of the New Gods, an aggressive attitude both on and off the field of battle, and most refreshingly, a sarcastic and playful personality.

If this short is an indication of how the rest of the movie will be, then it looks as if Justice League: Gods and Monsters will be a welcome addition to the video library of any Wonder Woman fan.

If you follow this link to Amazon, you can pre-order the movie and help support the website:

Comic Book Noise 482: No Mercy #1

Host Derek Coward talks about the latest news regarding the Wonder Woman movie, Tupac, John Singleton, Far Cry 3, and No Mercy #1 from Image Comics.

Comic Book Noise 481: Wonder Woman and Daredevil

Host Derek Coward gives a spoiler filled look at his last issue of Wonder Woman and a spoiler free look at the new Daredevil TV show from Netflix.

Comic Book Noise 466: Update on the Star Wars artist

Host Derek Coward talks about the upcoming change on the art duties on Marvel’s Star Wars title, as well as more snark and outrage from comic book fandom.

Comic Book Noise 453: No Mercy Preview

Host Derek Coward talks about receiving his new comics, the book he added to his pull list as well as the two he removed.

Comic Book Noise 441: More Top News Stories of The Week

Host Derek Coward returns to talk about the top news stories that broke in the eight hours he was at work. And they were pretty big.

Comic Book Noise 439: My Original Art Collection

Host Derek Coward briefly talks about DC Comics, Wonder Woman artwork, and his original art collection.

Comic Book Noise 438: Me and the Current DC Universe

Host Derek Coward talks about the current DC Universe and what it means to him. Note: Remember this show is not for the easily offended.