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Movie Noise: X-Men: Days Of Future Past

Host Derek Coward returns to talk about X-Men: Days Of Future Past. This show is also crossposted to the Comic Book Noise podcast.

Comic Book Noise 328: Comic Book Origin Stories In Other Media

Host Derek Coward talks about the X-Men and their lack of a need of an origin story on TV and movies.


Comic Book Noise 325: Recent Purchases

Host Derek Coward talks about some recent purchases he has made, including the new Watson and Holmes and X-Men trades.

Watson and Holmes: A Study In Black
Watson and Holmes: A Study In Black

Comic Book Noise 316: Aquaman Annual 1, The Fox 1, Bionic Man 25 and Battle of the Atom 2

Host Derek Coward returns with a look at Aquaman Annual 1, The Fox 1, Bionic Man 25, and Battle of the Atom 2.

Comic Book Noise 310: Where’s Namor?

Host Derek Coward talks about the Facebook game Marvel’s Avengers Alliance and wonders why it doesn’t have Namor in it.

Sub-Mariner 1
Sub-Mariner 1

Comic Book Noise 305: The Battle Of the Atom and Trinity War

Host Derek Coward talks about X-Men Battle of the Atom from Marvel and The Trinity War from DC. Warning: There are spoilers for recently released issues in this episode. Listen if you want.

Reasons to dislike Steve Rogers: All New X-Men 12

The setup: Havok, the “leader” of the Uncanny Avengers, is meeting the Young Scott Summers from the past. At this time in his life, Scott doesn’t know much about his brother Alex beyond the fact that he has been adopted by a nice family.

Steve Rogers and the Avengers had gotten their asses handed to them in Australia, so he drags the Uncanny Avenger team to hijack the X-Men plane so that Alex can talk to Scott.  Remember that these two are virtually strangers to one another, but when has not thinking things through ever stopped Steve Rogers.

When the two meet face to face and Scott realizes who he’s talking with, Rogers says this:


What a fucking douchebag! Even Thor and Scarlet Witch had to tell him to chill the fuck out, it’s brother stuff. Think about that for a second, the brother of Loki and the sister of Quicksilver have to tell somebody to shut up and let siblings talk. And they have tried to beat the hell out of their brothers before.

Then, when young Jean Grey reads the mind of Scarlet Witch and finds out about the MILLIONS of mutants she killed, she goes all Jean Grey on her ass. The situation is defused, but what does Rogers say then…


He is actively protecting the murderer of millions and just shrugs it off with “none of that matters right now”.

After making what he has to know are baseless accusations against the younger version of the guy who kicked his ass more than once and his friends, Rogers sends them on their way, then says this:


Havok just responds with “Yeah” but without any further context or word balloons. Personally, I like to think Alex was saying “Yeah” but thinking “Yeah, you would say that but this is the same guy that kicked your sorry ass so I’m pretty sure he had better days than today.  Asshole.”

Comic Book Noise Episode 317: Thor Everything Burns

Host Derek Coward talks about his history with The Mighty Thor and the trade Everything Burns.

The Reason Why I Dropped Uncanny X-Men All Those Years Ago

For years I have mentioned that I was a huge Uncanny X-men fan/collector until they pissed me off with two issues that teased something that wouldn’t happen. I thought they both had “The Final Fate of An X-Man” on the title, but only one did.

Uncanny X-men 247 and 248
Uncanny X-men 247 and 248

Any way, I was pissed with issue 247 because it was so obviously written for her to come back one day and 248 felt such a bait and switch that I didn’t come back for issue 249. It felt like they were playing me for a fool (Not everyone just me in particular) and I was done. The never-ending subplots of Chris Claremont’s X-storytelling didn’t help either. Going forward I may have picked up an issue or two, but I didn’t get them regularly/add them to my pull list until Uncanny X-men 500, and that only lasted a couple of months before I got laid off and had to stop collecting altogether.

When I started collecting again, I stayed away from the X-Men because that whole corner of the Marvel universe just seems confusing and angry. It wasn’t until Marvel NOW! started up with All-New X-men and Uncanny X-Men that I have decided to bring them back to my list. Since modern day covers no longer tell you what to expect inside the books, I don’t think I will get turned away due to shenanigans like in the old days.

Have you ever been so turned off by the cover shenanigans of a comic series that it caused you to drop it? Let me know.