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The Mighty Thorcast 147 – Shi’Ar, Balder Cries and Malekith the Accursed,

This episode hosts Teri and Ed bring us up to speed on Jane Foster’s adventure in Mighty Thor(2015) 16 and throwback coverage of The Mighty Thor(1966) 344 and 345.

The Mighty ThorCast 143 – League of Realms, Unworthiness and Lorelei

This episode Teri and Ed give us their thoughts on The Mighty Thor(1966) 339, Mighty Thor(2015) 13 and Unworthy Thor 1.

The Mighty ThorCast 142 – Simonson and the Library of All Things.

This episode hosts Teri and Ed bring us up to speed on The Mighty Thor(2015) 12 and The Mighty Thor issues 237 and 238, the start of Walter Simonson’s run on the Odinson.




The Mighty Thorcast 140 – Loki Can’t Lose and Both Thors Misunderstood

This episode hosts Ed and Teri discuss Vote Loki 3, Mighty Thor (2015) 10 and Marvel Graphic Novel The Mighty Thor.





The Mighty Thorcast 138 – Jane is found and Dario displaced.

This episode hosts Ed and Teri Moore discuss The Mighty Thor(1966) 334 and 335 and Mighty Thor(2015) 8.



Mighty Thor 008-000a

Mighty Thor 008-000b (Greg Hildebrandt 'Classic' variant) (The Red Slayer)

Mighty Thor 008-000c (Marguerite Sauvage 'The Story Thus Far' variant) (The Red Slayer)

The Mighty Thorcast 137 – Drac, Boldolf and Loki.

This show hosts Teri and Ed Moore discuss The Mighty Thor(1966) 333, Mighty Thor (2015) 7 and Vote Loki 1.

Thor_1983_#333_01Vote Loki (2016-) 001-000

Mighty Thor 007-000

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