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The Mighty Thorcast episode 19 – Herkales, Herkales

Journey into Mystery (1952) Annual 1 and Thor (2007) 620.1 and 621 are the topics of discussion.


The Mighty Thorcast episode 17 – Thor has Loki’s Stones

Teri and I talk about Journey into Mystery (1952) issues 119 and 120 and Thor (2007) 620.


The Mighty Thorcast episode 15 – Crusher Creel

We have survived The Great Freeze, Snomageddon, Snowpocalypse, a bout of the Plague and some technical difficulties. We persevere and have ready our latest offering to youse guys.

Teri and I talk about Journey into Mystery issues 114 , 115 and Thor 619.

The Mighty Thorcast episode 9 – The Avengers?

We are back from the hinterlands and find ourselves in the midst of a winter wonderland. Teri and I review Journey into Mystery issues 100 and 101 and Thor issue 616. Thanks for the feedback and we hope to hear more.

The Mighty Thorcast episode 7 – Merlin is a mutant

Teri and I discuss two more issues of the 1952 Journey into Mystery and 615 from the current Thor volume which has left us unimpressed.

The Mighty Thorcast episode 5 – Give the Devil His Due.

This episode we finish up Thor’s journey into Hell from Thor (2007) 614 and run through Journey into Mystery 91 and 92.

The Mighty Thorcast episode 3: Jane the Godhopper

Thanks to all who have been listening. I got the numbers for August and Teri and I are very pleased. We hope to keep everyone entertained. If you have any suggestions, feel free to let us know.

This episode we talk about Thor (2007) 613 and 85 and 86 of Journey into Mystery (1952).

Mighty Thorcast Episode 1: Journey Into Podcasting

On the first episode of The Mighty Thor podcast, Teri and Ed discuss Thor 611 and 612.


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