Bonus Episode 3 – The Girl With the Donut Tattoo + Top Cow Previews

John picked up an indie mini-comic – The Girl With the Donut Tattoo from Cool Jerk Press.  Josh joins along in the discussion about this really entertaining and useful comic (it’s both a sequential art journal AND a cool recipe book!).  Join us as we talk about the mini-comic and a lot of other cool indie book goodness.

After that, Josh walks us through Previews so we know what to order for November delivery!

Doughnuts this week are from Speedway, mainly because the newly opened Dunkin Donuts in Madison was a mob scene this morning!

Thanks, as always, to Westfield Comics.  Visit Josh in person at their East Side location, where he is the Manager.


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2 Responses to Bonus Episode 3 – The Girl With the Donut Tattoo + Top Cow Previews

  1. Jam says:

    Couldn't find anywhere else to comment on it, but your recent episode with the Marc Silvestri interview… the mixing, yikes. You only came on the left channel and Marc only on the right channel, each in only one of my ears, it sounds very annoying, almost unlistenable. Hopefully in the future you fix that mess.

    • John says:

      Thanks for the “heads up!” We used a different Skype recording software on that one, so I’ll know enough to either tweak it or not use it. (Sorry for the delayed response . . . I just saw this post.)

      Thanks for listening,

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