The Doughnuts and Top Cow Podcast is hosted by John Grigas and Josh Crawley.

This page hosts our “Bonus” episodes.  If you want to find our main podcast page, go to the Official Top Cow Podcast page.

John got into comics as a kid and collector, then dropped out of the hobby in 1982.  He jumped back in 20 years later, and has a huge stack of books he may never get through!

Josh is the Manager of Westfield Comics (eastside location) in Madison, Wisconsin.  He is also a freelance letterer.  This is partially because he can’t draw (which also throws inking and colouring out the window), and he writes way too slow, especially considering the quality of material produced. The other reason is so he could stop complaining about the lettering others were printing and to do his best to remedy the situation. Sadly, he hasn’t stopped complaining.

John likes a nice raspberry bismark (the white frosted one, not the powdered one).  Josh likes a good maple iced raised doughnut.

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